Compared with traditional photo frames, electronic photo frames have better performance in portability, interactivity, and operability

Atatat photo frame is not only a memorial of family, friendship and love, but also an ideal choice for gifting

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Atatat has been selling branded photo frames on Amazon for 5 years. With the declaration of Advance Togther, Achieve Together and All TogetherAtatat aims to integrate convenience and interactivity into the use of photo frames.

Atatat is committed to providing customers with high-quality digital photo frames and satisfactory experience. Customer satisfaction is our highest pursuit. If you have any consultation or feedback, please contact us!
Atatat offers a 2 year warranty and unconditional refund for every members. Delivery of all orders are fullfillment by FBA/USPS/UPS. The express delivery time is 2-5 days.

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Atatat frame helps you recall the beautiful moments anytime. Enabled the sharing of your most precious photos through digital photo frames. It can easily bring your treasured memories to life with incredible image clarity in rich and vibrant colors.

Customer Feedback

' We got this for a gift for my daughter, and it has been even better than I thought it would be! She loves it! She loves learning the functions of the frame, changing the different modes and lighting. She displayed pictures had taken on the phone. We are been very proud of her, also impressed with the picture quality. ' ---- Lucy

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'Lol, I have taken sooo many photos for me little baby,too hard to find the one I want in my phone now. But Atatat solve this problem, just need insert the SD card and then can find the picture I want in hundreds of pictures easily.'
---- Larua's Mom

'The picture quality is really good with this photo frame.Very crisp and clear; it’s like looking at the picture being taken.The Remote control is easy to use. The screen quality is great as well; just the right size and doesn’t take up a large foot print on the counter. This is a great gift for the grand parents.They love it! It’s easy to upload pictures as well.Wonderful overall frame' ----- Atatat Customer

'I purchased this frame for my parents who are in their 80s. It is absolutely amazing. They have it sitting in their family room and will just sit and watch the pictures daily. It is so nice for all family to be able to share photos by Wi-Fi especially during this time of Covid. It literally has brightened my parents day and afternoons and evenings.I would recommend this to everybody! '---- Sharon